Momma Training


Lesson learned. I am the one being trained, not the baby.

Choosing to breast feed was a no-brainer for me. My daughter and I easily caught on the first day of her life and never looked back.

Fast forward three weeks. I had some dental work that needed taking care of and required me to be in the chair for at least an hour. I couldn’t take my daughter along and I sure as heck wouldn’t be able to breast feed while getting work done–although this would probably be #1 on the list of things you can do while breast feeding; though peeing rates pretty high too. So, I thought what better time to introduce the occasional bottle as nursing had been well established at this point.

I started a few days before my appointment by having my husband give her a freshly pumped bottle. She loved it! Success. Here’s where I got a little greedy. I figured I didn’t want to be under pressure to pump right before leaving her for the appointment so I decided to pump a day or two beforehand and refrigerate. That’s when it all went south.

She wouldn’t take the bottle. Okay, no big deal. Figuring she didn’t like her milk cold, I spent a bit of money on a bottle warmer–I know, what happened to boiling water on the stove? Anyway, warming the bottle before feeding should do the trick, right? That’s a big, fat negative. She turned her nose up at the warmed milk. So, I began to think that it must be the bottle in conjunction with the temperature.

Again, I rushed out and spent more money trying to find just the right bottle–one that mimics the breast, one with a slower nipple flow, one with a larger nipple base; you name it, I tried it, to no avail. Then I decided it must be that my milk gets a soapy flavor–according to a book I read–as it separates in the refrigerator, so I boiled my milk before refrigerating. This, along with warming, still did not entice her to eat from a bottle. Back to square one.

I succumbed to my reluctance to pump just before leaving her, but I thought if it was the only way, then so be it. Well, somewhere between bottle selections and boiling milk she caught on that I wanted to leave her, if only for a few hours I wanted to leave her none-the-less. Now, she refused even to take a freshly pumped bottle! While I thought I would be bottle training my baby, I think I’m the one whose been getting schooled.

I’m not defeated. Broken, yes. But, I’m determined to get her to take a bottle, so the saga continues. If only I could go back and get her to take freshly pumped milk (sigh).


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