The Bold and the Brazen


Have you ever wondered how people can be so bold?; speaking their mind to anyone who’ll listen. I’ve always considered myself a pretty straight-forward gal and will tell you–for the most part–what’s on my mind without thinking twice. However, I would never randomly open my mouth to a stranger in a situation that is clearly none of my business.

Enter the obnoxious, frumpy lady. While standing in line for hot dogs with the hubs and my daughter at a local minor league baseball game last night a woman looks at me and says “I hope he (looking to the hubs) brought a glove to save her (in reference to my daughter) life.” Really? No, we thought we’d sit on the foul bowl line and teach her how to catch at 9 weeks old.

I really couldn’t believe my ears. Shocked, I responded–with attitude–with a quick little line about sitting behind the net at home plate. Who the hell was she to be making such remarks? Being that she was a large women ordering hot dogs and nachos I wanted to quip something like” no, but I’ve got some lean cuisine in my diaper bag, don’t you think you should have some instead of nachos?”

As much as it none of my business about her eating habits, it is none of hers to be worrying about my baby. I’m a college educated woman with some brains–thank you very much. I’ve heard many things in this short period of beginning to raise a child, but I am still baffled at how brazen people can be.

Trying to decide how to handle this–whether I ignore them or respond back–I’ve concluded that the only mature thing to do is retort. Yes, I’ve been reduced to a five year old!


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