Baby Bump Watch 2011


Okay, like countless others, I too am intrigued by celeb gossip. And there is plenty to go around. This year, it seems like a dozen celebs are sporting baby bumps as the new fashion accessory–or maybe I just have a radar for it; having been pregnant for half of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

I’m fascinated by all the expectant women of hollywood. Let’s see, topping the list for quite some time was Mariah Carey, but with the birth of her twins she’s fallen off the radar. Then we have Jewel, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling and most recently, rumors of a bump for Kim Kardashian.

As I found myself captivated by swirling rumors of the latter socialite’s knocked-up status, I began wondering what it is that keeps so many of us glued to celeb baby bumps.

I have yet to figure it out. But, I’m sure I’ll keep tuning in!


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