Making a Change


I’m on a crusade to get changing tables in every men’s restroom and more women’s restrooms. Who’s on my bandwagon?

Shockingly, I’m finding that many places that I frequent do not provide changing tables in the men’s room. What about the single dad’s out there? Your kids don’t need changing too? To me, this is a no-brainer. Take my husband, for instance. Most often he and I are out together, so I can change the kid, but since he’s an amazing dad who changes diapers he’s often so kind as to let me eat or shop and will take initiative to cater to her bodily functions. When there’s no where to do that he has to resort to the backseat of the car or pass her off to me. I’m baffled when I find myself getting the hand off and there is no place for ME to change her!

We eat out A LOT. Recently, I was in one of my favorite restaurants, Rubios, and found that they didn’t have a place to change a baby! In a family-style pizza parlor, they too did not have a changing area. I would definitely consider this a family joint, so why wouldn’t they offer one?

I’ve been making my list of places that seem to dismiss the little people of the world and their needs and I’m seriously considering an initiative to get it on a ballot. Crazy? Maybe. I don’t know, it just chaps my hide that I can’t easily change my little girl. Anyone want to sign my petition? 


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