Rockin’ the Bump


I follow the blog Things I Can’t Say and decided to link up baby bump pictures to Rockin’ the Bump.

It’s kind of funny because before I read the post to link up to, I had been reminiscing my pregnancy.

I was one of those pregnant people that other pregnant people complain about–I LOVED being pregnant. Really. So I had a few weeks of what I like to call morning sickness for every time zone–morning, noon and night sickness–but it only lasted for a few weeks in the beginning and then came that second trimester honeymoon phase and I was fabulous. Even through to the very end. It wasn’t until the 39th week that I had swollen feet and was really anxious to meet my little girl.

So here’s a few pictures documenting my baby bump!

10 week Charger bump

30 weeks

37 weeks rockin’ St. Patty’s–I was the DD 🙂

39 weeks w/swollen feet

3 days before delivery!


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