Mom. Second Class Citizen? Since When?


It’s time for me to break out my soapbox. (WARNING: strong content ahead). I’m so frickin’ tired of people treating mom’s with infants like second class citizens.

There, I said it. Why the attitude? I have a child–a two month old, to be exact–and a life. Yes, really, a life! In order to operate my household I must go to the market and run general errands, but, as I’ve already stated, I have a small infant that must go with me. Inevitably, no matter how prepared I thought I was–baby fed, burped and changed–once I get to my destination she needs something, again, and might begin to cry. I can’t tell you–unless you’re a mom too–how often people will stare or, as crazy as it may seem, make a rude comment. It doesn’t stop there. I’ve even heard that I should just stay home! Yeah, I was just as shocked as you.

Come to find out, I’m not the only one experiencing this kind of treatment. I belong to a mom’s group and have heard from others that this is a common occurrence among many moms. Who knew? Being new to parenthood, myself, I could’ve never prepared for such ludicrous behavior from grown human beings.

That being said, the hubs and I are preparing for a trip in which we (gasp) have to fly! I know, who brings an INFANT on a plane? God forbid. Well, let me tell you what, I do, that’s who and honestly, screw the naysayers. Yeah, you heard me correctly.

Now, I’m prepared for her to cry. SHE’S AN INFANT. Being a considerate person–I really am–I’m going to do my very best to console her and keep her as quiet as one can keep a two month old quiet, but I can’t make any guarantees. I am NOT a miracle worker. BABIES CRY. I’ve even loaded the hubby’s pockets with earplugs to kindly pass out should some jerk poor soul dare to give me dirty looks or make rude remarks.

In the 50s, mom was hailed as the hero she was; running a household, doting on a husband and raising children. These days, mom’s are overlooked for these same achievements. It’s almost as if having a child is having some sort of illness.

I’d love to hear your outrageous encounters with aged-out ovary carrying women, crotchety old men and the like. I know I’m not alone!


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