Perfectionism Taken Too Far


Why do I worry over stupid things?

As a new parent, I’m constantly second guessing every choice. I want to make the best decisions for my child and our family, but not quite the “go-with-the-flow” kinda gal I agonize over every detail; like the swaddle.

In the beginning I truly believed my daughter hated swaddling. She came in to the world with a bit of difficulty because she had her hands up, with little fists, near her head and so this became the only way she preferred to sleep, ahem, cat-nap.

Along came ‘The Happiest Baby On the Block’ video and we were back to swaddling and much longer nights of needed sleep–for baby and myself. At three months, my daughter is sleeping anywhere from 6 to 10 hours a night–which I credit swaddling with! Unfortunately, she doesn’t sleep well without the swaddle.

With anticipation much worry growing for the day she’ll need to be swaddle-less–being the freak about controlling everything–I want to be two steps ahead so, I’ve been working on weaning her from this cocoon in which she has become so dependent. Reluctant to give up my long nights of rest, I thought I’d start with the afternoon naps.

One arm out at a time seems to be the way to begin, but we keep going back to square one; both arms are back in! I think I might be afraid to commit. I so cherish the small swaddled naps she takes during the day which allow me much-needed time to keep up on things.

I’m making a bigger deal out of this than need be. She’s sleeping longer and better and isn’t fussy, so who cares if she’s dependent upon it? Weaning will come with time, right?

When I thought about writing this post I asked myself what it is that has gotten my panties in such a bunch. The worst that will happen is she’ll begin rolling over and I’ll have to stop swaddling cold turkey. But that’s what has my nerves rattled. What’ll happen to our sleep? Like anything, we’ll adjust. I try to remind myself everything doesn’t have to be perfect.



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