Giving a Little Credit


I usually beat myself up for the things I do “wrong”. Today, I want to pat myself on the back–not in an “I’m so great” kind of way, but I’m proud of one of my parenting choices. As parents–especially mothers–we make decisions for our children every day. So far, I’m proud of all of my choices, but, of course, there are things I’d do differently.

Today, as my little lovebug naps, I’ve been reflecting over my decision to NOT allow everyone to tip-toe around my house or my baby for that matter. Running the vacuum, hair dryer, the dog barking and the door bell ringing are just a few examples of the LOUD noises my daughter sleeps through. I’m proud of that! I mean, when else would I have been able to get any cleaning done? A sleeping baby allows for some rest, but sometimes more importantly, some much needed chores.

Thank goodness for a little foresight when bringing my newborn home! Sometimes it’s those little things that mean so much.


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  1. Yes! You should be proud of yourself. You are on your way to being a wonderful mom who will raise a well adjusted kid…a kid who knows that although the world does not revolve around her, she is well loved.

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