Beaten at the Bottle


In my very first post, Momma Training, I discussed how lovebug was running the bottle show. Headstrong and determined not to take a bottle, she’s held out to the very end. I think she has me right where she wants me.

I’m feeling a little beaten as we approach the four month mark. This momma wants date night! I’ve been pretty lucky that the grandmas aren’t boycotting babysitting since it’s been hardest on them. I have a boob to give when she’s really unconsolable, but they’re left with an angry, screaming baby.

It just might be now or never to bite the bullet and leave her for a whole day; allowing her to get hungry enough that the only option is the bottle. It wrenches my heart to do so. Maybe I’m weak.


I’m curious to know when all of you fabulous breast feeding momma’s offered a bottle and how it affected your breast feeding relationship.


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