Separation Anxiety


Lovebug is 15 weeks and in a big girl bed. Notice I didn’t end that sentence with an exclamation point because I’m having mixed emotions. She’s been in our room in the bassinet since her first day home all the while a crib awaited her in a beautiful bee-themed nursery.

I always knew that once she began sleeping through the night I’d move her to her own room and, quite honestly, I expected to do so around this time. So why is there no exclamation point at the end of that sentence? Lovebug is hitting all the milestones and has been sleeping through the night since before leaving for New York. While I’m excited, I know this time in life will be short-lived, with each progression leading her to growing up and moving on. That’s a great thing! Don’t get me wrong. But time sure does fly.

Sleeping in her crib in the nursery all night last night, by herself marks a rather large turning point; for me more so I think. The first three hours I checked stared at the monitor and only once–I’m so proud of myself–peeked in on her. Separation anxiety? Maybe a little.

What age did/would your baby go into the crib/bed in the nursery?


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