A Blog. Really? Yes!


The lovely ladies Nicole at By Word of Mouth Musings’ and Shell at Things I Can’t say are calling all bloggers to answer the million dollar blogging question: ‘Why did you begin blogging?’

There’s a million blogs out there. Why I thought I could offer something different kind of happened by accident. The Anecdotal Baby, or more accurately, the idea of it unconsciously actualized in the middle of the night as I was nursing my newborn; my mind racing with all the crazy, wonderful and crazy, ridiculous experiences that began encompassing my new life.

A new mom stumbling through all the firsts of parenting, I began jotting down the brilliant and bizarre happenings: random absurdities I’d encountered, late night contemplations, and all things baby. Wives tales, words of wisdom, encouraging insights, ridiculous notions, comments (probably) not meant to be heard by me, but overheard due my Geministic trait of taking things in and listening to all that goes on around me, were all fodder for my facebook postings: somewhere I vented and shared with anyone who’d listen.

At the time, I didn’t really expect to turn those postings into a blog. I’ve always been a writer in some form or fashion. I wrote through college and even began a double major in Journalism while finishing a degree in Animal Science. Strange choices that didn’t really seem to go together, but I always imagined somewhere in life crossing the two with public relations for the horse racing industry. That never happened. But, like I said, I’ve always been a writer and writing about my own occurrences is something I do.

So, as I began journeying through this new calling of motherhood, I needed to write about it. Frankly, I needed an outlet. That’s when I thought, “Why not write it down and share it with other moms who might be having similar experiences or might just want a laugh.” My sarcastic nature and “tell it like it is” attitude, I thought set me apart from other bloggers. I wanted an honest approach to nothing I could’ve prepared for: the sometimes lonely side of motherhood. And so, The Anecdotal Baby was born. Wondering if anyone would be interested I was reluctant to publish on the world WIDE web, but I thought what the hell and did anyway.

Blogging only since June, I’m finding my voice. Sometimes, I think the sarcasm and candor can be hard for people to swallow, but it’s who I am. I’m a nice girl, really… until you mess with my child. I try to sympathize with others even though, sometimes, I feel like I’m taking the brunt of the crap. So, I thought why not take horse $*** and turn it into manure? Motherhood, in my experience, opens you up for an absurd and sobering reality of life (always joyous with my little girl, of course) but people can be so obnoxious. I chose to blog about it to offer other moms a laugh–at me, with me, at themselves, at the foolishness of life, whatever.

As the days go by, the weird get weirder and the great gets greater, there’s never a dull moment for this mommy. Sharing those moments helps me not only cope, but appreciate. The Anecdotal Baby isn’t just anecdotes of life as a mother, it’s also morphing into a place I hope will provide moms with information, food for thought, and always a laugh.


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  1. I never thought about it but in a way my blog was a result of ‘outgrowing’ Facebook as well. I just needed a little more space than I could get there. I’m still on FB but in a different way. Interesting…

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