Fashionably Late Rarely Fashionable?


Okay, so let me preface this post with this: I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for a while now while I’ve carefully contemplated posting. I’ve decided, as Nike would say, to “just do it.” But, I’m aware that it may cause some upset–punctual people beware. Don’t criticize too harshly.

So, I’m assuming–I know, dangerous–that you moms can relate. Maybe? You have somewhere to be and at a particular time to boot. But, baby’s normal routine–whatever normal is for a four month old–is off kilter which has you a little whacked out. Well, in my case this seems to be EVERY time I need–and I use that word loosely since I’m a stay-at-home-mom–to be somewhere or I’ve said I’d be there at a specific time. Which, for the record, I never make promises; mostly because I know I can’t keep them. That being said, I usually arrive to my destination late. But, isn’t there such thing as fashionably late?

A little history. I’ve never been an early bird, nor have I rarely been anywhere “on the dot”. Occasionally, I’ve been an hour late, but that’s only to parties or those friday/saturday nights out. I mean, even before I was pregnant making it to a 7 o’clock call for a night of drinks and dancing was out of the question–I’m usually just sittin’ down to eat dinner then. And who wants to get their drink on that early anyway? On most occasions, I’m between 10 to 20 minutes late. Not trying to be fashionable, I just have difficulty being anywhere on time with the exception of something REALLY IMPORTANT like a wedding, funeral, anything that has a definite start time. Apparently, it seems, what used to be fashionably late doesn’t exist anymore? I guess I’m out of the loop.

Introduce baby. So, if you are one of my what I like to call “late behavior” critics then me introducing a baby into the mix must really piss you off. If you had issues with my tardiness before… Rarely do I make appointments. Like I said earlier, I’m a stay-at-home mom and I have the luxury of setting my own schedule–which really isn’t my own (hint: it belongs to Lovebug)–so it’s difficult for me to understand why I’d have to adhere to any sort of rigid agenda. Say we’re meeting for lunch or coffee, why is 10 minutes behind schedule a problem? I have a little needy person for goodness sake. That’s got to count for somethin’.

Sometimes, I wonder if the lack of having a small child is reason someone wouldn’t understand that punctuality just isn’t a big priority in the grand scheme of things. Some days, getting out the door is a gigantic chore in itself. Not only do I have to get myself ready for the day, I have a four month old who needs to be dry and fed, packed for, and buckled into a car seat. There are multiple trips to the car before she’s even set into the seat. And if she’s napping?… that’s a whole other story. This is the way of life some most days with an infant. You pretty much have to go with it.

Here’s what I think. Time, to me, is what a speed limit is to many. NO ONE ever obeys it. It’s more like a guideline. So, Punctual Penny you go ahead and be everywhere on time, but don’t condemn me for not living up to your standard. I’m only a slave to my daughter–within reason–and she needs stability. So, while I’ll try my best to be on time, if it conflicts with Lovebug’s schedule, be clear that sometimes I just might be late, fashionably or not.



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  1. I’ve pretty much had the same attitude as you have regarding time, all my life. Of course, I had my first baby at 21, and 3 more after that, sooo, I just did my best.
    Nowadays, I’m on time. It’s much easier now.
    When you get to the next, should I say segment, of life? Things will change, AGAIN!
    I love you honey, and I’m enjoying your writing. You’re awesome.
    Aunt Lisa

    • Lol, I actually know people who tell other late people an earlier start time for functions! I haven’t had this happen to me, yet. I’ve had good intentions of making it on time, but even if I get up before Lovebug, it never fails that something derails me and I’m at least 5 min. late. :/ I really don’t know how working moms do it… kudos to them!

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