Sweet Success…


… short-lived? I pause, because it was SUCCESS, in it’s own right.

You’re all familiar with my bottle troubles with Lovebug. Exclusively breastfed, I wanted to give her the occasional bottle. For instance, I’d love a night out without having to rush back in three or four hours to nurse, or for the hubs to feed her one occasional evening. This was not in Lovebug’s plans. So, in talking with some fabulous moms from one of my moms groups, I decided almost over a month ago now to bite the bullet.

I had to leave her *gulp*. I had to let her get hungry enough to take the only option… the dreaded bottle. My first attempt was attending my cousin’s bridal shower. Pressed for time–big shocker–the hubs offered to watch her while I spent the better part of the day away. Success! She drank an entire bottle. Ah, the relief. My frazzled nerves could relax. She didn’t have to starve before taking the pumped bottle of breast milk. I must admit, I was a little skeptical that this could be a fluke.

Setting out to test my theory, the hubs and I left her the very next day with the mother-in-law; a day date, if you will. We spent the day having lunch, seeing a movie, and sipping coffee. Upon returning to my mother-in-law’s, we found her happy and content. However, she didn’t. take. a. bottle. Ugh. The only thing I could think was since it was pretty hot she just didn’t have an appetite. My mother-in-law said Lovebug fussed a little, but not eating didn’t seem to interrupt her day.

Guessing consistency is key, we tried once again. The hubs took on the task, because, well, if we can start there that’s a great beginning. No. Such. Luck. But, we were on vacation and she caught a glimpse of me. Game over. Do I have too many excuses here?

So, the final outcome? Well, again consistency. Something I’m not always good with. And to be honest, pumping is a biotch. See where I’m going with this? I really do want to give her the occasional bottle… I swear :/


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