100 Things


The daughter of a friend of mine had to complete a list of 100 things describing herself for the start of school. I thought it was a great idea, so here’s mine, in no particular order…

  1. Call me Melissa, or Mel, or M
  2. I’m a momma
  3. who stay’s-at-home
  4. with a precious little girl
  5. I’m a wife
  6. I have a shopping market compulsion
  7. I write my list for the market in order, working my way across the store, starting with produce

    My dog making friends with the new short-term resident

  8. All of my items must be organized on the conveyor belt in groupings: cold items, freezer food, fruits and veggies, cupboard goods
  9. I have anal retentive tendencies
  10. I started drinking decaf beverages when I got pregnant
  11. it stuck
  12. I repeat myself
  13. I repeat myself
  14. because I have a need to be acknowledged when I’ve said something and my husband is terrible at that… he’s a great listener and hears it, he just doesn’t give me a nod or worded response, ugh
  15. I don’t have a “green thumb”
  16. I’m a horse girl
  17. No, I don’t currently have horses, but it’s in my blood
  18. I have a tattoo of horse in chinese
  19. on my left foot
  20. I also have a tattoo of a horseshoe
  21. on the back of my hip
  22. I was born in the year of the horse in the chinese zodiac
  23. Before I was pregnant, I loved wine and liked beer… after having the baby, I love beer and like wine
  24. I have a dog
  25. and a cat
  26. I once had chickens
  27. and a rabbit
  28. but not at the same time
  29. I love animals
  30. I almost became a vet
  31. but I started a business training horses instead
  32. for a while, while living in Texas
  33. I LOVE chinese food
  34. I hated mexican, but craved it while I was pregnant… another thing that stuck
  35. I liked shrimp before pregnancy, now I can tolerate it, but don’t prefer it
  36. I HATE traffic
  37. I could live almost anywhere…
  38. the mountains
  39. the city
  40. the suburbs
  41. the country
  42. I’m an only child
  43. I love root beer
  44. I once worked in a quarter horse breeding barn
  45. breeding horses for the track and shipping semen
  46. it really wasn’t that weird
  47. I went to Catholic school through high school
  48. No, I’m not a practicing Catholic
  49. I did get a really good education, though
  50. I’m not good at sentimental things…
  51. I didn’t keep a diary
  52. I don’t have everything my husband ever gave me
  53. and I haven’t yet put all my daughter’s photos in the five baby books I have
  54. facebook is my photo album
  55. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook
  56. I love that it’s a good place for keeping photos
  57. I hate that friending/unfriending stresses me out
  58. I’m a Gemini
  59. Yes, I believe in signs
  60. I’m definitely like mine
  61. I’m never on time
  62. Sometimes I’m early
  63. but that’s rare
  64. I hate schedules
  65. but it seems I always have one
  66. I used to like spontaneity
  67. Now I have a baby
  68. I love pedicures
  69. but I can’t stop my mind racing enough to relax
  70. I LOVE massages
  71. I don’t get them often enough
  72. I’ve done a lot of traveling
  73. I have a spoon collection
  74. in which I get a spoon from every place I’ve ever traveled
  75. People often get me spoons from where they’ve been
  76. I hate nicknacks
  77. To me, they’re just dust collectors
  78. I don’t know if I’m allergic to bees
  79. No, I don’t carry an epi-pen everywhere I go
  80. I probably should
  81. Did I mention I love animals?
  82. I enjoy cooking
  83. I used to read at least five books every summer
  84. Now I have a baby
  85. I once was a teacher
  86. for four years
  87. I taught science and math
  88. I was good at it
  89. but it wasn’t really my thing
  90. I did like having summers off, though
  91. I also used to wait tables a really long time ago
  92. I was not good at it
  93. I enjoy snowboarding
  94. I tried skiing
  95. I hated it
  96. Twisted my ankle the first time out
  97. I hate the ocean
  98. Great to look at
  99. but I don’t want to be in it
  100. I’m exactly where I want to be in life

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  1. Missy! I’m so with you on that… I hate going to the market so this is my way of getting through quickly, but it really irks me when I have to back track.

    Ps… glad to hear you have a button, and I like the site design!

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