What’s In a Name?


A name. In many cases it defines you. Hell, you can even look up the meaning of your name. You live with it forever–unless you change it–and above all, it’s your identification.

Even before I got pregnant, the hubs and I had a name picked for our little girl–if we had one–and it was instantly agreed upon. The boy name? A little bit trickier, but we gave it a lot of thought and it held special meaning. After all, shouldn’t a name be well thought about if it’s going to identify your beloved offspring?

Okay, so we found out we were having a girl. Wonderful. There was no question about her name… Lovebug! Like I said, we had talked about it since forever and we just knew this would be her name. So why then are people insisting on a nickname?

I know plenty of people who have them. Some cute, some shortened versions of a longer name, some given by frat friends, and some just plain, well, dumb. I’m not totally against them. In my later years, I’ve had friends who’ve shortened my name, Melissa, to Mel or M as a sign of affection and friendship.

So, I said I’m not totally against nicknames, but if you try and shorten my daughter’s given name you’ll get the death stare from me. Why? Why? Because a lot of love went into naming her and she’s not Lovey or Buggy, she’s Lovebug. So don’t even think about it!

I’m prepared that one day she might want a nickname. But, I assure you the hubs and I will always call her by her given name. And, when we’re really mad, we just might use all three! But, for me–I’m pretty sure the hubs feels the same way–her name is special. It’s beautiful just the way it is and a lot of love went into deciding on that name for our special little girl.


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  1. Nicknames for my child drive me crazy! If I wanted people to shorten his name, I would have named him that myself! I love his given name and we use it and correct people when the shorten it. It might be snobby or rude, but until he is old enough to decide for himself whether he wants one or not, we will continue to correct people!

    • I’m so with you on that! I don’t think it’s snobby or rude… it’s a little forward for people to just shorten someone’s name without asking if they prefer it (or the parents, in this case). I agree with the whole naming thing… if I wanted to call her something else I would’ve just named her that! So glad I’m not alone on this…

  2. Thank you! I’ve known so many people that, as children, were called some kind of nickname and then as they got older wanted to be known by their full name. It’s SO difficult to re-train yourself to call them something else!

  3. The thing about a nickname is that once it happens, it’s very hard to undo. I was nicknamed Missy as a child, then decided I wanted to be Melissa in college. It didn’t work – I felt like an imposter! So if you don’t want her to have a nickname, stick to your guns. Let her have the choice when she’s old enough. 🙂

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