Crazy Momma Dreams


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having crazy baby dreams starring my Lovebug almost every night. Reoccuring are the dreams of my little girl walking. It’s crazy, but it seems every time I nod off I dream that’s she’s walking; at four months! 

She’s always four months in my dreams. Weird. Just last night I dreamt of her saying her first word… ice cream. Or maybe that would be her first two words?

I’ve posted recently about her growing so fast, wondering if I’m rushing her with my excitement to move through stages. It’s really a catch 22. I LOVE the newborn stage and sometimes wish it had lasted A LOT longer, yet I’m really enjoying watching every new challenge she takes on and eventually masters. But what I can’t understand is why I’m having these crazy dreams of her moving on and growing up all the while staying four months.

My subconscious is a crazy thing!



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