Wait, what? A Month of…


Hell Jet-setting around the country. Wake me up when September ends. Wait, what? It hasn’t even begun?

Okay, let me previse this by saying that while I’m looking forward to each event this month, it is a crazy, busy, hectic fun month.

Many of you know that my husband is in fireworks and the busy season is the fourth of July, of course. Not to say that there isn’t anything going on the rest of the year–high school shows, New Years, Super Bowl, etc…– but in our household it’s obscene how busy my husband is gearing up for the fourth. So, once that passes we’re usually in the clear for a little while–free from huge business projects–to enjoy some down time. But, this year? We haven’t stopped moving.

Even our down time is anything but. Since propelling back into normal life, we’ve been on two RV trips, vacationed with my husband’s father’s family, and taken a quick weekend jaunt to the beach house. Now, we’re gearing up for a wedding and a business trip to Seattle with a fishing/cabin camping trip thrown in between the two.

I’m not complaining! Really. I do know just how lucky I am to have the opportunity to travel and see places that I might not otherwise. I’m merely saying I feel as if I’m not getting to ‘stop and smell the roses’ through any of it. It’s almost like I’m having an out-of-body experience while moving through scenes of my life. I want to stop and take it all in, but I feel like I’m rushing to get to the next place or prepare for the next trip.

I’m a bit anal retentive, therefore I must have all of my ducks in a row… luggage packed, itinerary solidified, baby in hand, and dog and cat cared for. You get the picture. Fortunately, Lovebug is a trooper when it comes to travel, so other than packing–I tend to way overpack for her–it’s pretty easy to shuffle her around. I just commit when I can around her schedule.

I guess I never expected her first year of life to be so jammed full of fun whisking off around the country. The first year we settle down and have a baby and want to enjoy said baby we’re zipping through life at mach speed. I kind of expected to do some sitting around with her reveling in all things baby. Best laid plans, right?

And just because the calendar isn’t packed every weekend like September doesn’t mean we’re slowing down, not. a. chance.


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