Only When She Stinks?


When my daughter was born I was cautioned about bathing her too frequently. The general rule of thumb: when she smelled, bathe her.



That sounded pretty straightforward and reasonable, but what about as she gets older? What’s the protocol for how often to bathe a child?

Stench is a good indicator, but is that really enough? There has to be a hygiene factor, right?

I’m pretty fanatical about wiping her up really good so there’s no leftover odors or remnants, if you will, but there’s nothing like a good soaping up. If we’re following the general rule of thumb, then what if the kid doesn’t smell? Should you skip the bath altogether? And, if so, what’s the tipping point?

In the beginning, the hubs and I were bathing Lovebug two, maybe three, times a week. As she’s gotten bigger and begun manufacturing drool like it’s going out of style, I’ve moved into an every other night routine. Honestly, I’m not religious about it–sometimes it’s more like every 3rd night–but I try, for hygiene’s sake!

Being a girl, and having a girl, I’m kind of obsessed with making sure that whole area is sanitary. Somehow, a bath just gives me added assurance that she’s clean; something a wipey alone doesn’t provide.



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  1. We bathe our son 3x a week at least. He’s a toddler boy so if he’s dirty he gets a bath period even if he just had one. There are times when he voluntarily asks for a bath because he likes the bubbles and we oblige, but the general rule of thumb in our house is every other day.

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