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Sweet Success…


… short-lived? I pause, because it was SUCCESS, in it’s own right.

You’re all familiar with my bottle troubles with Lovebug. Exclusively breastfed, I wanted to give her the occasional bottle. For instance, I’d love a night out without having to rush back in three or four hours to nurse, or for the hubs to feed her one occasional evening. This was not in Lovebug’s plans. So, in talking with some fabulous moms from one of my moms groups, I decided almost over a month ago now to bite the bullet.

I had to leave her *gulp*. I had to let her get hungry enough to take the only option… the dreaded bottle. My first attempt was attending my cousin’s bridal shower. Pressed for time–big shocker–the hubs offered to watch her while I spent the better part of the day away. Success! She drank an entire bottle. Ah, the relief. My frazzled nerves could relax. She didn’t have to starve before taking the pumped bottle of breast milk. I must admit, I was a little skeptical that this could be a fluke.

Setting out to test my theory, the hubs and I left her the very next day with the mother-in-law; a day date, if you will. We spent the day having lunch, seeing a movie, and sipping coffee. Upon returning to my mother-in-law’s, we found her happy and content. However, she didn’t. take. a. bottle. Ugh. The only thing I could think was since it was pretty hot she just didn’t have an appetite. My mother-in-law said Lovebug fussed a little, but not eating didn’t seem to interrupt her day.

Guessing consistency is key, we tried once again. The hubs took on the task, because, well, if we can start there that’s a great beginning. No. Such. Luck. But, we were on vacation and she caught a glimpse of me. Game over. Do I have too many excuses here?

So, the final outcome? Well, again consistency. Something I’m not always good with. And to be honest, pumping is a biotch. See where I’m going with this? I really do want to give her the occasional bottle… I swear :/


Review (and Giveaway) of LaDy LaDuke Nouveau Nursing Cover


LaDy LaDuke, a team of two sisters, has created a fabulous line of stylish nursing wear. Uniquely designed, the Nouveau Nursing Cover lets busy moms keep mobile while nursing in style without compromising full coverage.

Clearly not a model, but this is me lovin' my Nouveau Cover!

I was introduced to LaDy LaDuke by way of a Social Moms article naming Courtney Gillard SocialMom of the Monthand instantly fell in love with the Nouveau Nursing Cover. As a new mom, finding clothing that makes nursing my little one easy while keeping some sort of fashion sense hasn’t been easy. Aside from the nursing tank stash from Target, I’m left without much else to wear. Not to mention if I’d like a little coverage, I’m forced to shove Lovebug under a blanket or cover. LaDy LaDuke to the rescue!

The Nouveau Nursing Cover isn’t only functional–my daughter loves that she isn’t hidden under a blanket in the sweltering heat–it also fits into my wardrobe, whatever the occasion. Pair it with jeans and a cardigan for a dressy-casual flair or dress it down with shorts for running errands. The cover would even fit nicely into a working mother’s closet.

Designed to be worn as a single piece, unlike a traditional cover, the Nouveau Nursing Cover fits like a shirt with the snap of some buttons and stick of the velcro. The cover is easy to put on, stays in place and fits you from the moment you deliver your bundle of joy. You don’t have to worry about outgrowing it either as you lose the baby weight. This nifty creation will adjust for the best fit and plus sizes are also available.

The creatives behind LaDy LaDuke offer several other nursing-friendly and maternity wear. And, for your little ones, some clever designs. Check ’em out on etsy or WIN a Nouveau Nursing Cover for yourself with our giveaway.

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You Got My Back?


While writing a post for bloggy moms, I started thinking about how we could all use a little less judgement and a lot more support. Amongst us moms, I mean.

We’re all mothers. We all face many of the same challenges. So why are we busy beating each other up rather than holding each other up? The one thing we have in common-taking care of our children–becomes the one thing that tears us apart.

We may not all agree with one another’s parenting styles, but why must we make those choices topics of such hot debate? Why can’t we discuss our viewpoints in a kind and helpful way and realize that what works for one, doesn’t always work for another. And frankly, keep our mouths shut and try walking in someone else’s shoes every once in a while.

In a previous post, What Would You Do?,I discussed my encounter with a mad-woman! She had two teenagers with her–whom I assume were hers. Instead of beating me up for what she thought I shouldn’t do, maybe she could’ve tried looking at the situation with an open mind and come to understand that all I wanted to do was take care of my child. In a recent article, the inspiration for my bloggy moms post, baring the breast in public while nursing was the hot topic that had commenters firing off their attacks of fellow women.

I just can’t understand in a world of Casey Anthony’s how women mothers could attack one another for doing what comes naturally. I know this sounds cliché, but “can’t we all just get along?”

Beaten at the Bottle


In my very first post, Momma Training, I discussed how lovebug was running the bottle show. Headstrong and determined not to take a bottle, she’s held out to the very end. I think she has me right where she wants me.

I’m feeling a little beaten as we approach the four month mark. This momma wants date night! I’ve been pretty lucky that the grandmas aren’t boycotting babysitting since it’s been hardest on them. I have a boob to give when she’s really unconsolable, but they’re left with an angry, screaming baby.

It just might be now or never to bite the bullet and leave her for a whole day; allowing her to get hungry enough that the only option is the bottle. It wrenches my heart to do so. Maybe I’m weak.


I’m curious to know when all of you fabulous breast feeding momma’s offered a bottle and how it affected your breast feeding relationship.

Nipple Confusion or Nipple Coercion?


The phrase “nipple confusion”, in my honest opinion, is a scare tactic for new mothers created by breast feeding activists.

Before you chastise me, bear with me for just a moment. I’m a HUGE supporter of breast feeding and am currently nourishing my three month old, EXCLUSIVELY, from the breast. And when I say exclusively, I mean it; nope, not even a bottle of breast milk. I’ve tried. She won’t take anything but momma’s nipple.

So, “nipple confused”? I think not. This little girl knows the difference. There’s absolutely NO “nipple confusion” here!

So why, then, would someone who exclusively breast feeds and believes “breast is best” be so adamant that “nipple confusion” is a ridiculous notion made up by breast feeding organizations and their proponents? I’ve seen SO many of my friends, acquaintances and mother’s in groups in which I belong go from breast to bottle and back with their babies as young as a week old. If “nipple confusion” were such an issue, then it would surely be difficult for so many of my peers to do so. And, several doctors in which I’ve spoken to about this wouldn’t have balked when I mention the phrase.

Being the breast feeding supporter I am, I understand the desire to spread the word and encourage breast feeding. However, I also understand that it’s a personal choice. Unbiased information would go a lot further for breast feeding advocates. I’m hearing more and more moms say they feel bullied into breast feeding. How is that good for the cause?

Whether a new mom is bullied into breast feeding or not is a whole other topic–maybe a post for another time or another mother. It’s “nipple confusion” that has this mom so confused. In the beginning, I, well-informed, chose breast feeding for all of it’s benefits. Wanting to be sure that my baby and I were successful, I turned to the breast feeding “experts”: lactation consultants and nurses. As a new mother, I only knew what I’d researched and what friends and experts told me. All of the information–I’m now assuming is put out by agenda-seeking people–recommended imposed a four to six week period of exclusive breast feeding.

Maybe all babies are different and this recommendation works, but for mine it backfired. She still refuses a bottle of breast milk and isn’t shy about doing so. I’ve concluded–in my short time as a mommy–that if the breast feeding nazi’s champions had offered less of a one-sided view I would’ve felt more comfortable allowing my husband to offer an occasional bottle during those late night-early morning feeds when a new mother struggles between nurturing her child and wanting to jump off a cliff.