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Crazy Momma Dreams


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having crazy baby dreams starring my Lovebug almost every night. Reoccuring are the dreams of my little girl walking. It’s crazy, but it seems every time I nod off I dream that’s she’s walking; at four months! 

She’s always four months in my dreams. Weird. Just last night I dreamt of her saying her first word… ice cream. Or maybe that would be her first two words?

I’ve posted recently about her growing so fast, wondering if I’m rushing her with my excitement to move through stages. It’s really a catch 22. I LOVE the newborn stage and sometimes wish it had lasted A LOT longer, yet I’m really enjoying watching every new challenge she takes on and eventually masters. But what I can’t understand is why I’m having these crazy dreams of her moving on and growing up all the while staying four months.

My subconscious is a crazy thing!



They Grow So Fast


On the 3rd of September, my little girl will be five months. Five months! Where did the time go? My how they grow so fast.

Today, I spent the whole day with her. Not unusual because I’m a stay-at-home mom, but what I mean is there was not one moment that I wasn’t holding her, or playing on the floor with her; she wouldn’t leave my side. She refused to nap today, so she was my little cling-on.

As we moved through my routine together, I was in awe of what she can do now. Sitting like a big girl in the high chair while I washed breakfast dishes, a normal occurrence these days, I couldn’t take my eyes off how much she is becoming a little person. Rolling around on the floor, lifting her body as she tries to crawl across it is her favorite past-time. She can even stand supporting her weight while lightly being guided by me or my husband. My newborn has grown so fast!

Among my chores today were digging out photos–I decided to finally start putting together some of the many scrapbooks I received at my baby shower–and cleaning the nursery. My tasks in the nursery included boxing up the three month clothes she no longer fits into, organizing prefolds–she’s in the next size up–changing the crib sheet, and some general cleaning.

While I was searching my photos and packing away clothes I came across the reminders that my baby is growing up.

Newborn bottoms stashed with some 3 month stuff... I still can't believe these were a little big on her back then!

I began flashing back to the days when I was sitting on the couch continually nursing, not getting much sleep as she woke every few hours, and wondering when she’d finally sleep through the night.

Snuggling with Lovebug

Did I rush her to grow so fast? Sometimes I’m a bit nostalgic for those newborn days. I know many hate them, but I relished all the snuggling and the way her little head would slightly droop on my chest as she was fast asleep. I remember complaining about having to hold her through the night because she refused to sleep on her own.

Long nights, little sleep

When she finally did sleep–in her bassinet–I was so excited to get four hours straight! Four long hours. I was so sleep deprived. With my now soon-to-be five month old sleeping 12 hours, that seems like nothin’! It’s only been five months since she graced us with her presence, and yet, she’s grown so fast.

3 1/2 Months


Wow, someone tell me how to make time stand still! 14 weeks going on walking.

My how the time flies! She’s growing like a weed and weighing in like what seems to be a ton of bricks. Though I’m excited to say that my little lovebug seems to be ahead of the curve, she’s definitely not that cuddly little newborn anymore. She’s going to be a mover and a shaker, for sure!

I can’t wait to see just how much she’s grown at her four month appointment next week. Today, I was reviewing the skills my daughter should have and may be experiencing, according to What To Expect The First Years.’

My little girl is:
laughing out loud
following objects
holding her head very steady
doing “push ups”
rolling over from back to front and front to back
looking for momma and daddy when hearing our voices
talking tons
sitting in her bumbo seat
and teething!

It’s just so amazing to me how much she’s doing! Watching her personality develop along with her physical abilities is so much fun. Every day is a new adventure!

Pictures of the Peanut


Shell, over at one of my favorite blogs ‘Things I Can’t Say’, is having another link up… Rockin’ the Baby in which she’s asked us to share some our favorite baby pictures. She must have read my mind because with my lil peanut now three months and time flying I’ve been reminiscing and almost a bit sad that my little girl is growing so fast.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that she is super baby and moving through stages. I’m super proud of all the things she can do and I absolutely love when she randomly smiles at me. But, I do miss the newborn stage just a little. Can you really get baby fever when your baby’s only three months?

Here’s some of my favorite photos:

Birth day

Two Months


It’s true what they say: time flies. My little peanut is now 2 1/2 months old and growing.

She cries a little less and coos more.
She talks and laughs.
My little girl is so strong: lifting her head high off the ground during tummy time and looking around.
This little peanut has been randomly rolling over for a while now; from her tummy to her back and almost from back to tummy–it’s more of a back to side roll.
She is a sleeping champ these days with six or seven hour chunks at night!
Whenever someone else holds her she looks to find momma when hearing my voice.
She definitely knows who daddy is and has wide eyes when he walks in the door after a long day at work.

My little peanut is still a light-weight in her age group, but she’s tall and developing right before our eyes! I’m such a proud momma 🙂