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You Got My Back?


While writing a post for bloggy moms, I started thinking about how we could all use a little less judgement and a lot more support. Amongst us moms, I mean.

We’re all mothers. We all face many of the same challenges. So why are we busy beating each other up rather than holding each other up? The one thing we have in common-taking care of our children–becomes the one thing that tears us apart.

We may not all agree with one another’s parenting styles, but why must we make those choices topics of such hot debate? Why can’t we discuss our viewpoints in a kind and helpful way and realize that what works for one, doesn’t always work for another. And frankly, keep our mouths shut and try walking in someone else’s shoes every once in a while.

In a previous post, What Would You Do?,I discussed my encounter with a mad-woman! She had two teenagers with her–whom I assume were hers. Instead of beating me up for what she thought I shouldn’t do, maybe she could’ve tried looking at the situation with an open mind and come to understand that all I wanted to do was take care of my child. In a recent article, the inspiration for my bloggy moms post, baring the breast in public while nursing was the hot topic that had commenters firing off their attacks of fellow women.

I just can’t understand in a world of Casey Anthony’s how women mothers could attack one another for doing what comes naturally. I know this sounds cliché, but “can’t we all just get along?”


Giving a Little Credit


I usually beat myself up for the things I do “wrong”. Today, I want to pat myself on the back–not in an “I’m so great” kind of way, but I’m proud of one of my parenting choices. As parents–especially mothers–we make decisions for our children every day. So far, I’m proud of all of my choices, but, of course, there are things I’d do differently.

Today, as my little lovebug naps, I’ve been reflecting over my decision to NOT allow everyone to tip-toe around my house or my baby for that matter. Running the vacuum, hair dryer, the dog barking and the door bell ringing are just a few examples of the LOUD noises my daughter sleeps through. I’m proud of that! I mean, when else would I have been able to get any cleaning done? A sleeping baby allows for some rest, but sometimes more importantly, some much needed chores.

Thank goodness for a little foresight when bringing my newborn home! Sometimes it’s those little things that mean so much.

Perfectionism Taken Too Far


Why do I worry over stupid things?

As a new parent, I’m constantly second guessing every choice. I want to make the best decisions for my child and our family, but not quite the “go-with-the-flow” kinda gal I agonize over every detail; like the swaddle.

In the beginning I truly believed my daughter hated swaddling. She came in to the world with a bit of difficulty because she had her hands up, with little fists, near her head and so this became the only way she preferred to sleep, ahem, cat-nap.

Along came ‘The Happiest Baby On the Block’ video and we were back to swaddling and much longer nights of needed sleep–for baby and myself. At three months, my daughter is sleeping anywhere from 6 to 10 hours a night–which I credit swaddling with! Unfortunately, she doesn’t sleep well without the swaddle.

With anticipation much worry growing for the day she’ll need to be swaddle-less–being the freak about controlling everything–I want to be two steps ahead so, I’ve been working on weaning her from this cocoon in which she has become so dependent. Reluctant to give up my long nights of rest, I thought I’d start with the afternoon naps.

One arm out at a time seems to be the way to begin, but we keep going back to square one; both arms are back in! I think I might be afraid to commit. I so cherish the small swaddled naps she takes during the day which allow me much-needed time to keep up on things.

I’m making a bigger deal out of this than need be. She’s sleeping longer and better and isn’t fussy, so who cares if she’s dependent upon it? Weaning will come with time, right?

When I thought about writing this post I asked myself what it is that has gotten my panties in such a bunch. The worst that will happen is she’ll begin rolling over and I’ll have to stop swaddling cold turkey. But that’s what has my nerves rattled. What’ll happen to our sleep? Like anything, we’ll adjust. I try to remind myself everything doesn’t have to be perfect.